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Building God’s Church

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God's Church Being Built

I was extremely blessed to be able to hand out two bibles this weekend and be a part of what God is doing in and around Cedar Rapids.  The first opportunity was helping a college student with changing their tire while parking for the Iowa Hawkeye Football game.  He needed some help getting his tire off the car and I could tell was getting pretty frustrated with the situation.  He was visiting family in town and had no immediate help coming to assist with the tire.  I was able to grab a wrench from my truck and beat the tire iron onto the lug nuts for him so they wouldn't strip.  While this was happening my amazing girlfriend was able to slip one of my Bibles into his trunk while we were working.  I did not realize this until several minutes later and as we were walking away.  We smiled and gave each other a high five while walking away back to our truck.  Even though we did not get to specifically sit and talk/pray with this person the accomplishment of being able to give a surprise Bible to someone that they won't realize they have until possibly days later is a sense of accomplishment only God can give.

The second Bible given out this weekend was to a very nice woman who works at the McDonald's drive through window.  I have spoken with her before about giving her a Bible while getting my #9 with no onions and a coke before.  I promised her a Bible and made sure to deliver on this promise from earlier in the summertime.  I try to always keep a Bible in my truck for these situations so that I always have one on hand to give out to someone who needs God's word.  My prayer is that these bibles are opened and that God's word changes their life.  If they're already believer's then allow them to grow in your word God.  If they're not believers God give them the curiosity to explore your word and make believers out of them.  Your presence changes everything Lord and I pray you come and fill this city with your presence and spirit.  Please change the lives of the people these Bibles are going to and fill their hearts with your love.  Amen.


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  1. Michelle says:

    You also blessed the elder at Walmart by unloading her groceries while her and I chatted about Christ. She has beat cancer twice and now finds God using her to be a support person for a close friend of her own battling cancer! The young college student, a believer, whom we did get to say God Bless You to, responded back and the expression he used when replying with his God Bless……it was as if he was looking to the heavens saying thank you father for sending help. 🙏
    The sweet sister at McDonalds, spotted that bible immediately and was filled with joy to receive Gods word!!! It was refreshing to know all three are believers.
    God, now we ask for those who dont believe! We want a challenge God! We’re willing 🙌🙌
    Doing life and spreading Gods love together is powerful ❤

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