Cedar Rapids, Iowa

IowaBible.com is in Service!!

Outreach Ministry

IowaBible.com is in Service!!

Thank you for visiting the website and being a part of this outreach ministry. God has put a fire in my heart for spreading the word and being able to bring modern translation bibles into the hands of people in Iowa. My mission is very simple. To provide bibles to anyone who wants one completely free and to be able to share in prayer needs for anyone who wants it. Relationships are incredibly important whether you're a believer or not and I hope with this outreach ministry relationships can be built in new ways. Connections are important and that is a goal of mine; making people connections across the community through giving bibles away. People who want to educate themselves on the word of God and not rely on someone else's opinion or viewpoint. Take the word and read it for yourself. I have 83 bibles at the moment and looking for people that could benefit from owning one. Please use the contact form on the home page to submit a request. The bible is completely free and postage will be paid.

The website will be continuously updated as time goes on. I am the website admin so if you have any suggestions or feedback please let me know! Thank you for reading and God Bless!!



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